Environmental concerns and economic necessity is forcing business to look at alternative methods for disposing of waste and recycling. Spiralling landfill charges and a developing environmental conscience means that Australian businesses can no longer rely on the costly, traditional waste management practices.

Soilco has had a long involvement with organics waste management, with memberships in both the Waste Management Association and Compost NSW.

Since 1985 Soilco has been undertaking composting and waste recycling at the Nowra EPA Licensed Facility, creating a diverse range of soil improvers and soil blends that are able to suit the needs of any landscape market application.

Soilco currently recycles approximately 70 000m3 per annum of organics. The material is composted by open windrow composting techniques according to Soilco’s Australian certified best practice management program.

In 2011 Soilco commenced food recycling operations, to provide diversion of food organics into high quality composted products.

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